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Bringing Joy to the Audience from Joy of Collaboration.
用  歌聲   

The Singing Owls (貓頭鷹室內合唱團), based in the Seattle area, was born during the Pandemic year 2020. It comprises of 10 veteran choral singers who could not stop singing despite the COVID-19 shutdown. As we ride the roller coasters of COVID-19 variants, we navigate our ways of singing in a safety-first manner.


Under Ms. Ya-Li Lee’s coaching and direction, we explore different genres/eras and search for the voice that represents our group’s personality.


Beautiful human voice creates resonance aurally, but like all forms of art, it can extend to emotional resonance among all singers and the audiences. As we take the journey of learning and engaging in fine quality choral art, we strive to soothe those who are struggling and bring joy to all listeners .

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